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About Us

From the founder:

"Some of my fondest memories as a kid took place on Sunday mornings; I remember my mom cooking breakfast while my sister and I sat around the table in our kitchen. My favorite meal was always breakfast. I especially looked forward to the Sundays we had pancakes. When I created Pumped Up Pancakes I wanted to capture this feeling.

As I've gotten older, my diet has changed. Being a competitive athlete has taught me the importance of eating quality food. Our pancakes don't only taste great, they are a well balanced combination of protein and whole grain. We only use all natural ingredients, and we don't add any sugar or preservatives. 

Whether you're a high performing athlete or you're just trying to find a healthy breakfast option, our protein pancakes are an excellent choice. Don't just wake up and go through the motions. Spring out of bed, whip up a stack of Pumped Up Pancakes, and take your day head on."